How to Start a Plumbing Business

This website goes far beyond teaching you in starting a plumbing company. You’ll also read about plumber advertisements, plumber seo, in addition to the way grow and to rung your plumbing company.

How to Begin Your Own Plumbing Business

The easiest way to begin using a plumbing firm is if you are already a journeyman plumber. If you’re then please jump to the next section. If not then ask yourself why would you like to get a plumbing business?

Assuming you asked yourself the above question and you truly do want to own one for whatever reasons you might have then let us proceed.

Since you are not a journeyman plumber you’ll have to employ employees as soon as the company is up and running. This can help you quite a bit in comparison with the person who decides to just begin and work independently.

With no option but to hire someone right from the start you will automatically be giving up the control of doing the work yourself. This is among the biggest obstacles all self.

Since you have to hire somebody to do the work for you then you won’t have an income until the business is profitable. This usually means that you need to have sufficient capital to get a van, tools, marketing, pay your employee give yourself a way of surviving during this start and or employee’s.

The remaining steps to getting your plumbing business off the ground are the same whether you’re a journeyman plumber or not.

The very first step is to choose the structure you want for your organization. Will you have partners? If so will you’ve got each own shares in a corporation or a partnership? Or perhaps you wish to initiate a sole proprietor and work into a corporation or you wish to set up an LLC?

What does all this mean? I am not a lawyer and I did lots of research and tried to outline this subject ‘how to start a business’. You can find that for free here. After reading you will wish to go over your choices. He or she will give you a better comprehension of what’s going to work best for you in the location.

Choosing a Business Name for Your Plumbing Company

Names are extremely common. With the same name you will find plumbing companies from country to country and state to state and not being the exact same firm. This happens because most of us as set plumbing behind it and plumbers seem to select our last name.

You’ll have to do a name search to find out whether someone else owns that name. Your lawyer or city business center will be able to assist you with this. You will wish to check to see if anyone as bought the domain name using the .
net or something else but I wanted a . com. Because of this I decided to not go with the name Kramer Plumbing and went with Kramer Plumbing and Radiant Heat.

In hindsight I should have gone with Kramer Plumbing and Gas Fitting since I do far more gas fitting jobs than I do radiant heating jobs. What is done is done. LOL

As soon as you’ve got a name then you are going to want to tie that name to your business structure. All this can be done whatever local service might supply this or when you set up your business with your lawyer. Where I am from I can do it at a number of places including with my lawyer, or at any number of registration offices throughout the city.

Unfortunately you’ll need to devote some time learning about how things work in your city and state or province. This is part of what business is all about, knowing every aspect of your organization. Not saying you need to do the work but understanding every level is important.

Maybe you plan on working from home, which is perfectly fine, but you will still need a dedicated phone number. This could be a mobile phone or an additional land line, entirely up to you. Check my resources page.

If you’re not likely to work from home you’ll have to rent or lease a shop. There are a lot of approaches.

Either hire a real estate agent to find a location for you or search your local ads to see whether any owners are listing an area for lease.

As soon as you discover a place you’ll need to acquire approval from the town or city you live in. Where I am from this is known as an occupancy permit that allows your business to occupy the space and do business.

Business Cards for Your New Plumbing Business

The next thing you will want is business cards. You want to start handing out business cards, as soon as you have a name and phone number. You can go down to your local print shop or check my resources page.

You are going to want to become proper insurance. This includes commercial insurance for liability insurance you vehicle and disability or WCB insurance in case you get hurt.

If you hire people then you’ll need WCB, check with your lawyer on regulations in your area.

These vary from location to location. The fines can vary so you may want to be on top of your game, for not doing this.

Marketing Your Plumbing Company

The number one thing you will need to do once your company is up and running is to start marketing your organization. Check my resources page for more info.